Pass The Spoon

A sort of opera.

Words by DS, Music by Dave Fennessy




A restaurant with artwork and tableware by DS


Contour Festival, Mechelen

A sort-of public art project:

Auckland Posters 2011

Posters displayed in the street

Dismaland, 2015
A theme park by Banksy in Weston Supermare
DS created a game where people were invited to try to topple iron anvils by throwing ping pong balls at them. Nobody managed it. Also some interesting balloons.

A Flag


A billboard for the HighLine, Manhattan, 2013


An artwork for the London is Open campaign, 2016

DS made a mural on a skate park in Malmø

DS designed a stamp as part of a project by Cabinet Magazine

Cabinet Magazine
DS made a photoshoot for the ‘Realtime Society’ label during Paris fashion week 2004