Political Cartoons

Cartoons and illustrations for the New Statesman 2009-2010

More US Troops to Afghanistan 2/12/2009
Flirt with Nick Clegg 25/4/2010
Conservative Boys
Ironic election poster 2010
Election Manifesto
Brown backs Blair for EU presidency 3/11/2009
Nick Griffin on Question Time
Economic Forecast 2010


Cameron attends Canadian G8 summit
Hung Pariament


Leaks are irresponsible and put lives at risk
Blair before the Iraq Inquiry
Peter Mandelson memoirs published
Miliband v Miliband
Samantha Cameron vs Sarah Brown
David Cameron and Andy Coulson phone hacking scandal
2010 General Election
MPs for Hire
We must act on climate change
Published after 2010 election result but drawn before
David Cameron NHS 2010 election pledge