‘Unconventional Bubbles’

Ruinart Champagne Artistic Collaboration 2020

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David Shrigley OBE

David Shrigley awarded OBE in The Queen’s New Years Honours list 2020

The Queen’s New Year Honours list recognises the achievements of a wide range of outstanding individuals from across the United Kingdom. We are pleased to announce that this year British artist David Shrigley has been awarded an OBE for services to Visual Arts.

Exhibition of Giant Inflatable Swan-things

Something strange is happening in Stockholm…. Come and see what Shrigley has done at Spirtmuseum.

It’s down by the water, it is giant. It is inflatable. It is thing. Swan-thing.

27 September – 31 March 2019

David Shrigley at Spritmuseum


‘David Shrigley : Loose Your Mind’ Travels To Power Station Of Art, Shanghai, China

In Shanghai? Check out David’s exhibition at the Power Station of Art, on until November.

8 September – 14 November 2018

David Shrigley at Power Station of Art, Shanghai

“David Shrigley’s major British Council touring exhibition ‘Lose Your Mind’ opens in Shanghai having travelled from: Art Tower Mito, Tokyo, Japan; Centre For Contemporary Art in Christchurch, New Zealand; Storage by Hyundai Card in Seoul, Korea; The Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago, Chile; and the Instituto-Cultural-Cabañas in Guadalajara, Mexico where it originally opened in November 2015.
The exhibition has been curated by Katrina Schwarz of the British Council”

Fully Coherent Plan


David has made another book.

Fully Coherent Plan. Available now from Cannongate.

I invite you to imagine a plan for a new and better society where everything is very coherent and makes a lot of sense and nothing is confusing or awful
No need to imagine. Here is the plan. The plan is illustrated. The plan is quite complicated. But not too complicated. I think you will be thrilled by it. I am certain you will be thrilled by it.

No need to read massive volumes or use the internet

2017 Exhibitions & Projects

Yumiko Chiba Associates, Tokyo. From 3 November 2017

Art Tower Mito, Japan. From 14 October 2017

Fourth Plinth, Trafalgar Square, London

New Stuff with Third Drawer Down

D. Shrig has made a bunch of new stuff in collaboration with Third Drawer Down.

It’s available in the shop and from the Third Drawer Down.

“Third Drawer Down Studio have been collaborating with David Shrigley since his exhibition at The National Gallery of Victoria where we put together The General Store with objects from Inflatable Swans to parts of our permanent collection like the I’ve Done Nothing mug. Our collection with David Shrigley continues to grow and expand and we can’t wait to show you what’s next. David Shrigley is a Third Drawer Down favourite both for his angst about modern living, his disappointments and his cynicism.”

Weak Messages Create Bad Situations

David has a new book out. Sort of.


Weak Messages Create Bad Situatuations. Available now in ebook format from Cannongate.

“A personal message from the author:

Lots of individuals in society today are feeble-minded. They don’t know what the HELL is going on. Unfortunately many of these people are responsible for running THE COUNTRY. They don’t know the difference between a PRECIOUS JEWELand a piece of animal turd. Their ideas are MEANINGLESS, illustrated using RUBBISH imagery (often made by a computer). The stupid words they write are always in BAD FONTS. 
Yet still people HEED this nonsense. Maybe YOU are one of these people?
It’s alright. I am here to HELP you. I have a FULLY-COMPOSED WORLD VIEW. I have STRONG opinions aboutEVERYTHING. And my ideas are HAND-ILLUSTRATED and use REAL HANDWRITING that you can trust. I know exactly what’s going on and am WILLING to share my thoughts with you. If you LISTEN to what I say then things will quickly improve.

No more weak messages. No more bad situations.  Shall we proceed?”

New Record

David has a new record out…

Listening To Slayer

“David Shrigley’s collaboration and friendship with solo musician Iain Shaw stretches back years, with the duo making a super limited CDr compilation entitled “Awesome” back in 2013. The match is perfect, in a sense. Shrigley’s off-kilter social observational lyricism marries with Shaw’s off-beat delivery to create a separate entity. On Listening To Slayer, Shrigley has penned 3 songs that have been set to music by Shaw with witty, surreal results.”

Get more info and buy it at Monorail.